QSC and its application in school is governed by several committees. The Supervisory Board is a standing committee ensuring the proper application and implementation in schools. The Supervisory Board represents the highest advising instance for the QSC quality standard and includes representatives of public and private education as well as certification instances and quality experts.

The following committees have been set-up specifically for the third revision of the QSC quality standard to reflect the latest developments in education in Switzerland and Internationally.

  • The Steering Committee is a specialized committee set up to coordinate all the efforts around the revision three of the QSC quality standard. This committee is constituted by members of the QSC organization and the QSC revision project leader.
  • The Support Committee is a committee in place for the third revision of the QSC quality standard. The goal of this committee is to advise and support the Working Group for QSC 3.0 by collecting and synthesizing the feedback and input given by all the stakeholders consulted during the revision. The members of the Support Committee include active QSC auditors, directors of QSC certified schools and governmental educational instances.
  • The Working Group is the actual working group tasked with the analysis, revision and rewriting of the QSC norm version 3.0. The members of this working group are experts in education, teacher trainers and quality system specialists.